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Jan Dietrich and Manfred Scharfenstein

MAUPI Art / Permedium / Norden Theaterproduktion
Jan Dietrich
Designer, Artist, Expert for the Invisible.

After his training and work as an organ and harmonium builder in Hamburg, Jan Dietrich studied product design at the Universtiy of Arts, Berlin. He completed his studies with works on ""Product, Space & Sound"". As partner of MAUPI experience he is managing sound and interface projects for customers from the automotive and consumer goods industries. He gives workshops and seminars on „Invisible Design“ at universities and industrial institutions. As an artist, Dietrich is working on independent projects with focus on digital privacy and social communication.


Manfred Scharfenstein

Dramatic advisor, composer & visual artist. Studied pre- and early history at the University of Hamburg, lives and works as a freelance dramaturge, composer and artist in Hamburg. As dramaturg he is in charge of the productions of Norden-Theaterproduktion, Hamburg.